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Essure was initially manufactured by Conceptus, Inc., which was later bought by Bayer  in 2013, but has spawned increasing reports of dangerous side-effects.

FDA Outlines New Steps to Evaluate Long-Term Safety Risks of Essure

Since medical device company Bayer HealthCare announced it would halt sales of its permanent contraceptive Essure in July 2018, the FDA has taken new measures to evaluate the long-term safety risks of the device. Thousands of women have lodged complaints against Bayer citing painful, debilitating complications from Essure such as chronic pain, pregnancy, miscarriage, perforation …. Read More

Bayer Paid Doctors Millions in Fees Related to Birth Control Device Essure, Federal Data Shows

Federal data analyzed by CNN shows that between August 2013 and December 2017, Bayer paid $2.5 million to 11,850 doctors for services related to Essure, such as consulting fees. Although these types of payments are legal, they can be extremely controversial. CNN reported that some patients wondered whether their gynecologists were recommending Essure because it …. Read More

Netflix’s “The Bleeding Edge”: A Terrifying Exposé

A new Netflix documentary, “The Bleeding Edge,” debuted worldwide on July 27, 2018. The film is an exposé on questionable practices in the medical-device industry. It claims that the U.S. FDA is not doing enough to protect consumers and that many medical devices reach the market without undergoing enough pre-market testing. “The Bleeding Edge” also …. Read More

Breaking News: Bayer Discontinues Sales of Birth Control Device Essure

By the end of 2018, Bayer HealthCare will stop selling Essure—a contraceptive device that has caused severe injuries and complications for thousands of women. Marketed as a permanent, nonsurgical method of contraception, Essure has caused debilitating adverse side-effects including chronic pain, pregnancy, miscarriage, perforation of the uterus or other organs, and even death. From 2002, …. Read More

FDA Takes New Measures to Inform Women of Essure Risks

In April 2018, a national movement of women suffering from painful side effects caused by Essure achieved two major victories: On April 9th, the FDA ruled that health care providers can no longer implant Essure unless the doctor and patient review and sign an FDA-approved document outlining the risks. The following week, the FDA announced new …. Read More

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