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Three Ohio Women Come Forward About Essure’s Adverse Complications

As advocacy groups against Essure continue to gather steam, three Ohio women have come forward claiming Bayer HealthCare’s permanent birth control device made them sick. Dawn Jarrett received the Essure implant in July 2012. Within a month, she was vomiting four times a week and suffering severe headaches and other problems. Similarly, Holly Radloff experienced …. Read More

Serious Complications from Essure Land Many Women in the Hospital

“I feel like everything’s been stolen from me,” laments Elizabeth Fluegge of her painful experience with permanent contraceptive device Essure. Ten months after implantation, the pain caused by the device became so unbearable that a complete hysterectomy was her only option for relief. Fluegge is not alone, as she and thousands of other recipients of Bayer …. Read More

Consolidated Essure Litigation May Be Allowed to Proceed in Philadelphia

As the public continues to learn more about the devastating effects from Bayer’s permanent birth control device Essure, thousands of affected women are waiting to see whether a Philadelphia federal judge will allow five lawsuits to proceed against the manufacturer.  In the consolidated litigation in Philadelphia, plaintiffs claim that Bayer tainted Essure’s premarket approval with …. Read More

Essure’s Side-Effects Prove Life-Altering

Many women are starting to share their horror stories with Bayer HeathCare’s contraceptive device Essure, including 32-year old Kelly, who was implanted with the device in 2012.  Kelly experiences severe pain, fatigue, hot flashes, irregular periods, headaches, and burning and stinging sensations all over her body on a regular basis. Her doctor attributes her complications …. Read More

Clinical Trial Participants Challenge Validity of Essure Trial Data

Amidst growing public scrutiny concerning the efficacy of Bayer’s permanent birth control device Essure, at least three clinical trial participants allege that their records linked to the device’s premarket approval application were altered, removing reports of pain to show more favorable results for the device. According to a national report, one patient reported severe pain …. Read More

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