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Bayer Paid Doctors Millions in Fees Related to Birth Control Device Essure, Federal Data Shows

Federal data analyzed by CNN shows that between August 2013 and December 2017, Bayer paid $2.5 million to 11,850 doctors for services related to Essure, such as consulting fees. Although these types of payments are legal, they can be extremely controversial. CNN reported that some patients wondered whether their gynecologists were recommending Essure because it was the best birth control option for them, or whether their doctor was receiving payments from Bayer in exchange for implanting the device.

In July 2018, Bayer announced they would discontinue sales and distribution of Essure at the end of this year. The decision comes after FDA imposed restrictions and increased warnings for the device, including a black box warning. Thousands of women have suffered pain and adverse events after being implanted with the device, such as abdominal pain, headaches, perforation of the uterus or other organs, and even death.

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